Sunday, April 17, 2016

Albarracín and Teruel ~ Cities from the Middle Ages

Yesterday was my last excursion provided with the school.  We took a day trip to Albarracín and Teruel in the neighboring community of Aragón.  
Our first stop was Albarracín.  This is a city that still maintains its medieval look, which dates back to the twelfth/thirteenth century.  I had the opportunity to climb on the wall.  There still remains the wall which served as protection of the city.  The streets are all really small and narrow which made it really cool to wander through.  

The second stop on our itinerary was at Teruel.  This city is not too far from Albarracín also located in the community of Aragón.  This city dates back to the 12th century, and it was known for having the three main religions at that time all living together (Catholics, Jewish, and Muslims).  
This is also the city that is known for the los Amantes de Teruel (early 13th century).   See story here: Inside of the tombs are the mummies which are visible from the sides.  

San Pedro Church
After the lovers and the church, we got to see another important monument of the city, which is the tiny bull, or "torico," in a plaza. 
"Legend has it that when the Christians reconquered the territory of Teruel in 1171, they sent bulls with burning torches on their horns to force the Moors out. At the end of the battle, a single bull remained standing under a star. The Christians thought it was a good sign to build a city around where it stood." ~Huffington Post

Monument upon entering the city of bull and star

The city is also known for its "mudéjar" art.  This is a style of art created by the Moors, and can distinctly be seen in the towers in the city.  


  1. Interesting places. All good things come to an end. Now its time to study and get in a coming home mindset. It seems like you had wonderful, exciting, adventurous experiences on this trip.

  2. Melanie.. What beautiful art and architecture .. Words cannot explain how much I have enjoyed your photos and visits to each of these proud of you and all that you have accomplished..looking forward to seeing you home safe..take care and enjoy every moment ..