Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Process of Studying Abroad & My Homestay

The process of studying abroad was kind of nerve-racking because of all of the people that I had to talk to and papers and applications to fill out. The most exciting part though was being accepted into the program and receiving my visa. Everyone was very helpful (except maybe the cashier's office) though. 

Another exciting part before leaving was finding out about my homestay. My home is only about 12 minutes walking from the school! (I think I was really lucky to be placed there!) It's also down the street from the gardens which I heard are very beautiful! The director of the program had this to say about the woman I'm staying with: "she is a widow around 65 years, she has a daughter and a son that visit frequently with the grandsons, all the former students that have stayed with say she is very clean (extremely) and very good cook." I will also be living near two other students from the United States. 

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