Sunday, January 10, 2016

Arrived in Valencia!

Today, well yesterday now, I have arrived to my homestay in the city!
It was the first time that I ever traveled by myself. It was really hard to leave my family behind in the airport. Once I finally did, I went through security easily and went right to my gate to wait to board the plane. Once I got on the plane I sat down and got ready for a long ride to Paris. Throughout the flight I found out that the girl sitting next to me was in her late 20s and American. She was flying back to Germany because that's where she did her masters and is working on her ph.d.
The flight felt really long because all I really did was eat and listen to the music and movies provided on the plane.
As the plane was getting near Paris, we were flying over places that I had already been to when I came to France on a trip after I graduated high school. We passed over La Havre and Rouen! This is a picture of La Havre from the plane. 
Once the plane arrived, it was a smooth landing and I got off and followed everyone else to get onto a bus to take us to the terminal. That bus ride however was not as smooth. It was about 10 minutes from where the plane landed to the terminal.
Once there I had to go to a different section of the airport where I had to go through customs. When I was going through I realized that I still had about half my water bottle full in my backpack and they pulled me aside and had me chug/spill out the rest (about 16 oz)! But after that happened I got in line to get my passport stamped. 
Past customs, I went straight to my terminal where there were lots of people already waiting because it was about half an hour before departure. 
Boarding the plane to Valencia was also easy and it felt like that plane was more comfortable than the larger plane that I was on for about 8 hours. The flight to Valencia was only about a total of two hours from getting on the plane until I got off. This landing, however, did not go as smoothly as the last. It was really rough and bumpy. When I got off the plane it was really windy so I guess that's what caused the rough landing. 
I followed everyone else into the airport and waited to grab my luggage. I was hoping that my suitcase made it on the plane because it was such a short layover. And guess what! It did! My suitcase was one of the first ones to come out. 
After going to the bathroom and getting money out of the ATM I was ready to leave the airport and take a taxi to my homestay. I had the address written out and showed that to the taxi driver because I didn't want to say the address wrong and end up somewhere else or him not to be able to understand me. But he was really nice and the ride went well. It was maybe about 15 minutes from the airport to the apartment. 
I went up to the door and rang the bell for her apartment. She let me in and I went up to the 4th floor in the elevator. 
Upon entering I was really impressed by how modern everything was and how clean and tidy it was. She took me around the house and showed me how to use everything. 
After I settled in, she made us lunch. A tomato and (maybe) tuna salad and chicken paella. After lunch I showered and unpacked my suitcases. Then I laid down for a nap and I slept about 3 hours.  
I woke up later and Señora told me that we would be having dinner at 8:30. She made a salad with fruit and a pizza with ham, tomato sauce, and cheese. She also gave my some pieces of ham to try
After dinner I went back to sleep. I slept for about 7 hours and now I have been up since about 5 o'clock. I guess I still need to get used to the time change and traffic going by.
Overall, I think my trip went well for my first time traveling a great distance alone. And I think I am going to really like staying here. I can't wait to see what's in store for me for the next four months! 
Later I am going to post about what we are going to do today and about the apartment. 


  1. Be safe and enjoy your and the experience... Kevin

  2. I am so happy for you and glad your trip to Spain was a good one. Your apartment looks lovely and very American. I hope you have a great experience and enjoy your studies. I also hope you get to see the sights and experience the ways of the culture. Be safe and enjoy.

  3. Melanie.. So glad you are there safe.. Can't wait to hear all about Spain and hear you just fall in love with the country and it's people.. Take care and be safe

  4. So excited!! For you and to receive your blog. So happy your travel was safe and trouble free. Your apartment and the city looks lovely.✨ look forward to reading your posts. Please be safe, study hard, and enjoy Spain! Remember to Smile! I'll be thinking of you and hope everything continues to be fabulous. Love the pictures. ��